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It is now over 12 years since I have been performing massage treatments. My work with women has steadily increased and because of the experience I have gained during this time, the focus of my business is now primarily women. 

Remedial massage, Lymphatic treatment and Stretch Therapy are beneficial to a wide range of situations including some auto-immune conditions. I have also developed another style of massage - Newell Massage for such conditions.

It is very important to spend time before your treatment begins, having a conversation about your needs and coming to an agreement on the type of treatment which will be best suited to you. There is no fee for this part of the service.

Your treatment may include one or a combination of, Lymphoedema Treatment, Remedial Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Stretch Therapy, Newell Massage, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy Massage and Breathing and Relaxation techniques, depending on your requirements.

Changing State is a personal, customized service aimed at meeting your needs.


Rosalind Simmons - Changing State Massage & Natural Therapies

Remedial Massage Therapist (AAMT)
Stretch Therapist (NAST) Foundation Member
Lymphoedema Practitioner (LAA)

Tri-Nature Consultant: Cherish the earth; use tri-nature products


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